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陳昭旭 老師

Position Professor
Name Chao-Shi Chen
Ph.D., Colorado University, U.S.A.
Phone 886-6-2757575 ext 62836
E-mail  chencs@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Lab Rock Engineering Lab




Rock Mechanics

Geological Engineering

Boundary Elements



A. 期刊論文
2009, Three-dimensional stress intensity factors in an anisotropic cuboid with a central square crack
2008, Anisotropic Bimaterials Using Boundary Element Method
2008, Automatic feature extraction and stereo image processing with genetic algorithms for LiDAR data
2008, Determination of Deformability and Tensile Strength of Anisotropic Rock Using Brazilian Tests 2
2008, Determination of fracture toughness of anisotropic rocks by Boundary Element Method
2008, Determining elastic constants of transversely isotropic rocks using Brazilian test and iterative procedure
2008, Fracture toughness analysis on cracked ring disks of anisotropic rock
2008, Dynamic discrete analysis of an earthquake-induced large-scale landslide
2008, 地下深開挖岩體之熱力-水力-力學偶合行為研究
2008, Evaluating the Stress Intensity Factors of Anisotropic Bimaterials Using Boundary Element Method
2007, A methodology for evaluation and classification of rock mass quality on tunnel engineering
2007, A new approach for application of rock mass classification on rock slope stability assessment
2006, 三維邊界元素法在異向性裂縫岩石之應用
2006, 岩體評分法應用於邊坡穩定工法之選擇
2001, Evaluation of transport of radioactive contaminant in fractured rock
2001, Measurement of indirect tensile strength of anisotropic rocks by the ring test
1999, Fracture propagation of anisotropic plates by the Boundary Element Method
1999, 利用邊界元素法探討異向性薄板之裂縫傳播行為
1998, Fracture Mechanics Analysis of Cracked Discs of Anisotropic Rock Using the Boundary Element Method
1997, A BEM formulation for anisotropic half-plane problems


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