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Research Area

Recources Development and Conservation
  • Exploration, drilling and production of oil, natural gas, coal, geothermal and groundwater
  • Development technology research and innovation of mining area environment and mine design technology
  • Innovation in explosives and blasting technology
  • Rock slope engineering, rock mechanics, tunnel engineering, remote sensing
  • Application of groundwater geology and underground fluid chemical engineering
Resources Material and Regeneration
  • Nanotechnology in mineral and ceramic applications
  • Recovery and recycling of resources in waste
  • Development of alternative minerals and enhancement of mineral application functions
  • Research and application of isotope and organic tracer technology
  • Soil and groundwater pollution remediation
Resources Management and Economics
  • Economic analysis, policy analysis, resource regeneration, petroleum strategy and management of mining, energy and other related industries
  • Management and systems engineering research, including resource system engineering, green innovation management, and operational research
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